Buyer Beware – Cellulite Treatment Options that Simply Don’t Work!

Cellulite Treatment Perth

If there’s one thing that a woman hates, it’s the ugly appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and thighs, especially when getting ready for a fast approaching summer season. However, in their desperation to get smooth skin, it’s not surprising that many ladies fall victim to so called effective cellulite treatment options that are no more effective that a placebo. These are the illusory treatments to diligently avoid.

Creams are an effective cellulite treatment

Absolutely not true! There are yet to be any topical creams that have gone to market that have in any way been proven to act as an effective and lasting cellulite treatment. The reason for this is very simple, and that is that topical creams only penetrate one millimetre into the skin at most, whereas cellulite, especially in bad cases, resides as deep as six millimetres into the dermis or even more. Positive feedback about such topical creams as an effective cellulite treatment is often associated with the fact that they contain caffeine, which has the effect of tightening the skin visibly, but unfortunately, only temporarily. Further, topical creams do not tighten the connective tissue positioned deep within the dermis, which itself is the main cause of the cellulite effect.

Cellulite affects people who are out of shape

Cellulite, contrary to popular belief, is not a function of one’s physical health, as it is genetics and hereditary. In other words, there are those women who will, as a result of their parentage, develop cellulite issues, as did their mothers, and their mothers before them. This is why there are indeed many women who are in excellent physical condition who still suffer the physical appearance of cellulite, and who require an effective cellulite treatment of one form or another that does hinge upon the principle of one’s physical condition. This of course is not to suggest that maintaining good health is not a priority for all women, as it most assuredly is, but rather that this strategy alone does not constitute an effective cellulite treatment.

Liposuction is the only effective cellulite treatment

This is very much false. It is the very nature of liposuction that it gives the skin and dimpled, devoted and uneven appearance that women universally despise. The problem with liposuction is that it removes fat from beneath these dermal anomalies and in doing so, can greatly worsen this appearance, rather than improve it. There are endless horror stories of women who have undergone liposuction, and other similar surgical procedures, believing them to be an effective cellulite treatment option, only to be utterly dismayed when they find their skin’s appearance has deteriorated even further.

Compression clothing is an effective cellulite treatment

This is another myth doing the rounds that is utterly laughable when put forward as an effective cellulite treatment. Similar to the approach taken by the cream manufacturers, those selling anti-cellulite clothing, such as the heavily marketed compression leggings, in fact lace these garments with caffeine to once again create a visible, but highly temporary, skin smoothing effect that disappears within minutes or removing the item. These special cellulite treatment garments have proven popular with many, and don’t come cheap, but serve no lasting purpose in terms of sustainable cellulite treatment.

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