Wondering how to get rid of cellulite and heard that drinking more water helps? Well let’s separate fact from fiction!

How to Get Rid of Cellulite – does water help?

There are so many ladies that come into the clinic at their wits end wondering how to get rid of cellulite. Often they’ve tried everything from expensive creams to all sorts of ‘out there’, unproven therapies that yield little or no result.

Often, my clients ask me if drinking more water is an effective cellulite treatment, as promoted recently in some media channels. Well, the answer is yes; but only to a certain degree, and only under certain conditions. Allow me to explain.

Cellulite, a condition that occurs mostly in post pubescent females, is the splitting and protrusion of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue. Unfortunately, this is seen as unsightly skin dimpling and bulges on the buttocks, lower limbs and abdomen.

Although hereditary in some women, cellulite is most frequently caused, or significantly worsened by, poor diet, dehydration, obesity, lack of regular physical exercise and hormonal changes caused by pregnancy and certain medications.

Regardless of cause however, the goal of any type of cellulite treatment is to remove these troublesome subcutaneous fat deposits from affected areas.

Now, when talking about how to get rid of cellulite, the question being addressed here is ‘does water represent an effective cellulite treatment option’? Well, if viewed as a primary form of treatment, the answer is no.

This is because that although drinking lots of water is a healthy practice you should always observe, to do so in the absence of any other intervention will cause no change in your cellulite levels. It simply doesn’t act upon cellulite directly.

However, where water does come into play, and indeed acts in a very powerful way, is by mobilising subcutaneous fat worked loose by more efficacious cellulite treatments. These cellulite treatments include certain kinds of physical exercise, invasive surgery or the entirely non-invasive Acoustic Wave Therapy.

When drinking water in this context, the benefit is clear in that water acts as one of the body’s primary natural cleansers. Not only does water flush all sorts of toxins from the body, it also accelerates the rate at which mobilised fat is eliminated from your system, and this of course includes areas being targeted by purpose-specific cellulite treatment methods.

Therefore, the regular consumption of clean drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day will most certainly accelerate the effects of targeted and proven cellulite treatments and will also ensure these unwanted subcutaneous fat deposits do not return.

However, when quick results are desired, such as in preparation for the fast approaching summer season, or where particularly stubborn and well established cellulite is present, drinking water will do little to shift it. Rather, you will definitely require a treatment method specifically developed to reduce your cellulite levels and smooth your skin.

As mentioned, many of these treatments do require invasive surgery that many women wish to avoid. However, the good news is that highly effective and completely non-invasive therapies such as the Acoustic Wave Therapy method developed in Switzerland is available, and allows you to avoid going under the knife.

Being the precise technology used by the specially trained team at Cheeky Dimples Clinic, Acoustic Wave Therapy is the ideal way to achieve beautiful smooth skin without the discomfort of surgery or the disappointment of fad diets and creams that simply don’t work!

Tell us aboute your experience. How many cellulite treatments have you tried that have had little or no effect? How has this lack of results made you feel?

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